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GPL Plugins

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Plugin Rush brings you the largest repository of premium plugins, themes & extensions for Wordpress. Test & deploy your sites with confidence.

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GPL Plugins

Test unlimited plugins on your development sites

Plugin Rush provides access to the most popular premium Wordpress plugins on the market, allowing you to test features, compatibility & speed on your development sites quickly and conveniently.

All plugins are GPL licensed and legally available to use on production sites.

6k+ reviews (4.8 of 5)

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Popup Overview Feature 2
WooCommerce Extensions

Access over 300 of the most popular WooCommerce Extensions

Launch your WooCommerce sites faster with access to the entire library of premium WooCommerce Extensions. Download, activate & test unlimited extensions before you purchase an active subscription.

All extensions are GPL licensed and included with Pro Membership.

Unlimited Domain Installation

Don’t sweat it, install our plugins & themes on unlimited websites without any restrictions.

Always Up To Date

We check for product updates hourly, so you can be sure you are getting the latest & most secure version.

Everything you need

We hand-pick the most popular plugins & themes to host, you’ll find everything you need and more.

100% Original Code

We only source products directly from the original developers, nothing is nulled or modified.

Developers & Agencies

Unlock over 2,500 plugins, themes & extensions

Agencies & developers who want access to a full-suite of Wordpress plugins & themes – you’re welcome. Download the latest versions to test on your creations without any restriction or security risk.

All products are GPL licensed and included with Pro Membership.

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Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.


One of the best GPL plugins marketplaces on the internet! This is a true marketplace for developers.

Isaac Marks

I'd like to thank Plugin Rush for developing such a large and diverse marketplace, which provides several options for developers and a diverse selection of gpl plugins.


This is a gamechanger. We can test any Wordpress plugin we want. I'm never going back.

Mark T.

I appreciate Plugin Rush very much. There are great plugins and themes here and it's updated reguarly. Never had an issue with downloads.

Rohan Goaut

Love this website! We're using it on all our agency projects since 2019.

Dean Jones

There is lots of GPL plugins marketplaces out there but none that come close to the level of support from Plugin Rush.

William C

This is an insanely cost effective way to launch new Wordpress sites with the latest plugins and themes.


This is a true site for developers. I've been a fan from the beginning and not stopping!

Max Spence

There is a huge variety of gpl themes available, and you can find some real jewels here. They have everything.

Christian B

The support from the Plugin Rush team is amazing. Any issues they solve it straight away. Never had an issue in 2 years of downloading!


It's incredible how many plugins and themes we have here at our disposal.

Michelle LD

Great support and great downloads! We love it!


There's incredible themes and plugins here at your finger tips. We won't go back from using Plugin Rush!

Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.

Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.

Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.

Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.

Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.

Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.

Anthony LC

The design work and plugins are fantastic. Plugin Rush is the tool I use for all of my brand and website designs.

Looking for more? Read our FAQ

What is Plugin Rush?

Plugin Rush is a repository of thousands of the most popular premium GPL plugins, GPL themes & WooCommerce Extensions. All products on our site have their codebase released under the GPL GNU licence which is free to share. This allows us to provide you a wide range of products for free or for a very limited subscription price.

We focus on providing developers & agencies access to the latest beta versions and releases of premium plugins in themes so they are able to test it before they go live on their production sites.

What's the difference between these and the originals?

These are the originals! Wordpress plugin and Wordpress theme developers share their subscriptions with Plugin Rush so we can provide plugins to independent, third party developers and agencies to get first-hand use of the products. Often times, this means early access to stable beta versions of the plugins.

In return, product developers get feedback on their products. We provide these GPL plugins and GPL themes at no cost or a simple subscription fee to our customers to make them available for designers and developers who want to try before they buy, or check compatibility issues before they buy a paid subscription with the original developers. Our products do not include support from the original or third party developers but we specifically cater to users who don’t require technical support (paid product support).

Are your payments secure and how about my data?

We proudly adhere to GDPR and CCPA privacy legislation and work diligently to protect your data. We do this in a number of ways which include not collecting too much data in the first place.

Our payments are powered by Stripe including bank cards with 3D secure activated. Our payment gateway is PCI DSS certified and secured under 2048 bit SSL encryption.

We proudly host our services on Google Cloud, the fastest, most secure hosting infrastructure on the internet. Due to security reasons we do not disclose where our servers are hosted, but your data remains tightly protected here, we promise!

How often are products updated?

Our systems crawl for updates every 6 hours across our networks so we usually have updated versions of the GPL plugins and themes within a few hours of them being released by the developer.

We do include some beta releases for specific plugins as long as it’s a stable beta. We do not offer the ability to wind back to past releases, only the current released products are available.

Please purchase a paid subscription with the plugin/theme developer to access previous versions.

How many products can I download in Pro?

Pro subscriptions allow 500 downloads per month. Annual Pro subscriptions allow for unlimited downloads.

What is GPL?

The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or simply GPL) is a collection of commonly used free software licenses that provide users the right to run, study, distribute, and modify software. The licenses were created for the GNU Project by Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), and give receivers of a computer program the rights granted under the Free Software Definition. All of the GPL licenses are copyleft, which implies that any derivative work must be released under the same or similar conditions. This is in contrast to less restrictive permissive software licenses, such as the BSD licenses and the MIT License, which are commonly used. The GPL was the first general-purpose copyleft license.

The GPL license family has long been one of the most widely used software licenses in the free and open-source software community.

The Linux kernel and the GNU Compiler Collection are two well-known GPL-licensed free software applications (GCC). The copyleft provided by the GPL, according to David A. Wheeler, was critical to the success of Linux-based systems because it ensured that programmers who contributed to the kernel’s success would benefit the entire world and remain free, rather than being exploited by software companies who would not have to give anything back to the community.

The third edition of the license (GPLv3) was published in 2007 to resolve certain issues with the second version (GPLv2) that had been identified during the latter’s lengthy use. The GPL license contains an optional “any later version” clause to keep the license current, enabling users to select between the original terms and the terms in subsequent versions as updated by the FSF. When licensing software, developers may leave it out; the Linux kernel, for example, is licensed under GPLv2 without the “any later version” clause.

Richard Stallman wrote the GPL in 1989 to be used with programs published as part of the GNU project. GNU Emacs (1985), the GNU Debugger, and the GNU C Compiler were all released under the original GPL, which was built on a fusion of similar licenses. Despite having the same license, these licenses had comparable requirements to the current GPL, but they were unique to each application, making them incompatible. [18] Stallman’s aim was to create a single license that could be applied to any project, allowing many projects to exchange code.

In 1991, the license’s second version, version 2, was issued. Over the next 15 years, members of the free software movement grew worried about flaws in the GPLv2 license that might allow someone to exploit GPL-licensed software in ways that were not intended by the license. [19] These issues included tivoization (the use of GPL-licensed software in hardware that refuses to run modified versions of its software), compatibility issues similar to the Affero General Public License, and patent deals between Microsoft and free and open-source software distributors, which some saw as an attempt to use patents against the free software community.

Version 3 was created in an effort to solve these issues, and it was published on June 29, 2007.

Adoption of the GPL Licence

The GPL license family has long been one of the most widely used software licenses in the FOSS community.

According to a 1997 study of MetaLab, the biggest free software Wordpress repository at the time, the GPL was responsible for about half of the software licensed there. In a study of Red Hat Linux 7.1 in 2000, it was discovered that 53% of the source code was licensed under the GPL. The GPL license family accounted for about 68 percent of all projects posted on in 2003, and 82.1 percent of open source industry certified licensed projects. [110] The GPL family accounts for 70.9 percent of the 44,927 free software projects listed on Freecode as of August 2008.

Following the June 2007 publication of the GPLv3, acceptance of the new GPL version was hotly debated, with several projects opting not to upgrade. Google open-source programs office manager Chris DiBona stated in 2009, two years following the introduction of GPLv3, that 50 percent of open-source project licensed software has migrated from GPLv2 to GPLv3, counting projects hosted at Google Code.

According to Black Duck Software, four years after the introduction of the GPLv3, 6.5 percent of all open-source license projects are GPLv3, whereas 42.5 percent are GPLv2. Based on data from Black Duck Software, 451 Group analyst Matthew Aslett claimed in a blog post in 2011 that copyleft licenses were declining and permissive licenses were increasing. Similarly, Jon Buys stated in February 2012 that five of the top 50 projects on GitHub were under a GPL license, including dual licensed and AGPL projects.

Walter van Holst analyzed license proliferation and derived GPL use statistics from Freecode data from 2009 to 2013.

Here's everything you need to know about using Plugin Rush

Plugin Rush is a Wordpress website that offers a variety of premium goods (software) to build websites, such as WordPress themes and GPL plugins, PHP-scripts, JavaScript, HTML-templates and more. We offer these products for free or for a small subscription fee, to be used on as many sites as you like.

All themes and plugins on our site are released under the GPL (General Public Licence) which actually applies to all WordPress products, including plugins and themes as Wordpress is an open-source project. This implies that after we have bought an item, we have the option to redistribute it to you.

Your purchase of a Pro subscription supports the upkeep of our site and the acquisition of new products from third party developers. This kind of crowd financing allows us to keep costs low, which we can then pass on to you. Premium technical support is not included with our products. As a result, we can provide up to 95% savings on essential commercial WordPress themes and plugins.

Why should I purchase anything from your website?

– Price reduction.
– Original themes and plugins files that are free of malware, viruses, and advertisements.
– All of our products are compatible with an infinite number of websites (domains) (unlimited license).
– Direct links are provided for all items.

We update goods on a daily basis and are always adding new things that are hard to find anyplace else! To make purchases on our website, go and create an account. You can start downloading our free products right away or subscribe to Pro unlock everything.

Is it possible to obtain a refund?

No. Sorry, but we’ll have to work a bit harder on this one. Because of the nature of digital media, there is no way to ‘return’ a plugin or theme after it has been downloaded. As a result, any payments made to Plugin Rush are non-refundable, and any request or dispute will be denied without notice. However, if the goods you obtained from the website was totally unusable, you may discuss a refund. Though we strive to provide you with the greatest possible access to our website 24 hours a day, downtime may occur, causing services to be disrupted.

How long will I be able to download and update the bought goods without charge?

You can download the files for as long as you have an active subscription. Active subscriptions are charged monthly or yearly, depending on your preference.

Is it possible to buy a product that includes free upgrades for the rest of my life?

No, we don’t offer any lifetime deals as can’t be responsible for the lifetime of the products as they are not developed by us. We currently don’t offer any discounts or coupons for our subscriptions.

Is it okay for me to use the goods I bought on the website for personal use?

The GNU General Public License applies to all of the goods. Please read our Terms and Conditions before using any product bought on the website.

Do you provide technical assistance?

No. We provide account and subscription support but we don’t offer any product technical support. We are not the original developers of these products, we are just a marketplace. If you need technical assistance with a theme or plugin, you must either buy the product directly from the creator (a link is given on the product page) or hire a freelancer to look into it for you. We are able to sell the goods at a reduced price since we do not provide assistance. We offer simply the best GPL themes and best GPL plugins on the market for a very discounted price and hope you understand our business model.

A license activation code or a Premium upgrade is required for an item I downloaded. What should I do?

Do not pay attention to it. These are included by developers in order for the plugin or theme to automatically update or for you to register for technical support. The item will function normally even if no data is put into the box. When updates become available on our site, we suggest manually upgrading your theme/plugins.

Is it true that Plugin Rush provides license keys?

We are unable and unwilling to give, lease, distribute, or resell license keys. The GNU GPL license applies to all of the goods (including Wordpress plugins and Wordpress themes) available on this website. You don’t need any licensing keys in order to use them in as many projects as you like. To get automatic updates or assistance from their creators, these plugins and themes simply need license keys.

What is the procedure for upgrading a plugin?

Install and activate the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin first.

– Download the most recent version of your plugin’s zip file.
– Go to your WordPress site and log in.
– To add a new plugin, go to Plugins > Add New.
– At the top of the page, click the “Upload Plugin” button.
– To install, choose the zip file containing the updated plugin version.
– Select “Install Now” from the drop-down menu.

What is the procedure for upgrading a theme?

Install and activate the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin first.

– Download the most recent version of your theme’s zip file.
– Go to your WordPress site and log in.
– Select Appearance > Themes from the drop-down menu.
– At the top of the page, click the “Add New” button.
– At the top of the page, click the “Upload Theme” button.
– To install, choose the zip file containing the updated theme version.
– Select “Install Now” from the drop-down menu.

How can I solve the problem “style.css missing” while uploading themes?

When attempting to upload or activate a WordPress theme, a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error notice is a frequent problem for Wordpress users who are new to the process. This is due to the fact that the theme download bundle on ThemeForest contains extra files like as documentation, licensing, and so on.

Simply unzip the Wordpress theme package you got from Plugin Rush and upload the file that is included to fix the problem (with the file being the name of the theme).

If I haven’t found a solution to my inquiry, how can I get in touch with you?

Please contact us via e-mail, or feedback form if you haven’t found the solution. We usually reply to emails within one business day.